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Before accepting any booking requests feel free to ask us any questions about the Tenant.

  1. Landlord receives a booking request

Landlords have 48 hours to Pre-Approve or Rifiuta the Booking Request. The Booking Request will include the desired check in date, check out date, how many guests, and a link to view the Tenant profile to see where they are from and why they are coming to your city.

Se l' Booking Request is Approved the Landlord’s property calendar will now be blocked and Tenants will have 48 hours to confirm the Booking by paying the Down-Payment (1st Month Rent + Crib Med Service Fee). At this stage the Landlord’s Payout details should be verified. If the Down-Payment is not paid within 48 hours the Booking Request is void and the property calendar unblocked.

Se l' Booking Request is Declined the Booking Request is void, the Tenant is notified and the property calendar remains unblocked.

Se l' Landlord does not respond within 48 hours the Booking Request is void, the Tenant is notified and the property calendar remains unblocked. Our clients need landlords to make booking decisions quickly, so if you consistently don’t respond within 48 hours your listing’s search placement will be negatively impacted.

  1. Tenant Confirms Booking

The Tenant has 48 hours to pay the Down-Payment, which is processed on the Crib Med online platform and held in our payment provider’s Escrow account. 48 hours after check-in the 1st month rent transfer will be initiated to the Landlord’s connected bank account. This 1st month rent is guaranteed for Landlord’s as long as when the Tenant checks-in the property is in the same condition as the images on the property listing on

Direct communication is now open between the Tenant and the Landlord to exchange important information needed for the rental contract, Security Deposit payment method, arrival instructions e check in time.

If the tenant does not pay the Down-Payment within 48 hours the Booking Request becomes void, the Landlord is notified and the calendar is unblocked.

  1. Check in

A Crib Med representative will be present at check in (only for bookings 3 months +), to assist the Landlord and ensure a smooth check-in where the Tenant will be given a walk through according to this Cosa fare al momento del check in e Check-in guide.

After inspection of the property you will sign the contract, receive the Security Deposit (via method previously agreed) and handover the keys.

  1. Post Check In

Future rent payments, final cleaning fee, and the Security Deposit refund are directly between the Landlord and the Tenant.

Landlords help Tenants resolve any manutenzione della proprietà issues that may arise.